Women & Diplomacy


The Global Diplomatic Center for women works to empower women diplomats and offers Fellowships programs to develop young leaders in international affairs and public diplomacy to promote stability and peace worldwide. Women  play a critical role in creating sustainable peace.  We train women diplomats to fully  participate in every stage of diplomacy.

GDCFW brings together women from areas of conflict around the world to share and discuss peace-building strategies, sharpen skills, shape public policy. . Those women with varied backgrounds, perspectives, and skills bring a vast array of expertise to the peacemaking process.Our programs are distinct and we know that providing a marginalized woman access to resources and skills increases her chances of rebuilding herself and her family and her community and eventually her country.

Investing in women and young girls

We share the belief that strong women build strong nations and  promote world peace and friendship.

Women Entrepreneur Training

This course will equip you to take the next step on your entrepreneurial journey and offers a variety of workshops and training options for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re just thinking about starting your own business, looking for ways to improve your marketing, connect with business mentors.

Understanding Today's Democracy Training

GDC assists women to learn the main principles of democracy and it is impact on everyday life.

Communication in Diplomacy Training

GDC teaches women sharper the communication skills to be able to be more effective when interacting with the global community and to be the best advocate for her country.

Leadership Training

GDC assists women to develop leadership skills, interests and explore how to become successful leaders on the global stage.

Skills And Technical Training

GDC builds on the skills the students bring to the class and helps them explore and improve their hidden skills and to achieve their goals.

Language Training

GDC’s teaches communication skills to meet minimum language skills in a number of target languages.  Language training is at the heart of the training program requirements.

Cultural Training

Understanding different cultures can be challenging and complicated. GDC will improve a diplomats understanding of diverse cultures via state of the art materials and learning. experiences.

Women’s Rights Training

GDC’s unique training program helps women around the world understand that women’s rights are human’s rights. Empowering adolescent girls to protect their rights is important.  One of the most effective ways to meet this goal is to make certain that every single young woman has the opportunity to go to school, and to receive a quality education in a safe environment.

Security Training

GDC provides personal safety and security tools and skills information. Diplomats and embassy staff learn what to do to reduce risks at home, at work, and while traveling. Diplomats  learn to identify problems and the best ways to find solutions in compromising situations.  . Safety and security training consists of tools to help youth to handle transportation safety, gender issues and emergency action planning.

Negotiation Training

GDC assists women to learn the main principles of democracy and it is impact on everyday life.