AcademY Overview

The GDC training programs are structured around the four pillars of Diplomacy, Leadership, Communication & Digitalization, and Entrepreneurship. Each group will have specially crafted, bespoke programs integrating the aspects most in line with their mission. These programs will be offered to all government and non-governmental institutions, as well as establishments private or public.

Specific trainings are structured to target officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassadors and officials working in international Embassies.

The Diplomatic training integrates all facets of international relations and diplomacy for current and aspiring ambassadors, as well as officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from Embassies around the world.

Government and Parliament Officials
This program is structured for all government officials and representatives.

By using well-proven methods and processes, the program will tackle all the facets of leadership and transformational management, including sustainable development, decision making, and strategy elaboration, essential in strategic planning and reforms.In addition, this program will include special modules for communication which include negotiation, networking, and foreign language, particularly English as a second language for business and negotiation.  Finally, special modules will be provided around Information Technology (IT) and digitalization so no one is left behind as the world of diplomacy becomes increasingly dependent on online communication technologies.

This group is reserved for those working in administration, either in government or other public institutions. The objective is to prepare the next round of executives, decision makers, and leaders. Thus, the training will cover leadership and decision making as well as communication and negotiation.

VIP High-Level Training
A three day intensive for Ministerial level and CEOs of large institutions on leadership skills, success mindset, and high-level decision making. This training is short and focused. It targets high-level government officials—Ministers, Presidents, Secretary Generals, Director Generals of public institutions, and other top-tier leaders. Three days of accelerated training to enhance their leadership and decision-making skills, and to shift them into a mindset of empowerment and success.

Empowering Women
This program is aimed at empowering women to take on leadership positions and succeed in governance, diplomacy, and entrepreneurship.

Women play a vital role in boosting the economy and contributing to the socio-economic development of communities world-wide. And because women tend to pass on their knowledge within their communities, investing in women means investing in communities.

In addition, bringing women’s perspectives into the leadership of both the private and public sectors has proven to be a great stimulus to productivity, inclusion, job creation and growth. This is why women’s empowerment is fundamental in order to accelerate economic growth and ensure sustainable development.

When women are prepared and encouraged to hold leadership position and decision-making roles, it has a proven positive impact on reforms and policies.

This training focuses on raising confidence and building resilience so that women are prepared to pursue their professional objectives and excel in their work. It also provides the skills they will need to become inspiring leaders, empower others, and make a sustainable impact.

Empowering women is at the root of gender equality, intellectual diversity, and creating sustainable economies.

Finally, the GDC will also design tailored training to better fit the needs of the sponsoring institution and to integrate their requirements. The length and the number of people benefiting will be determined jointly.

Youth Training Programs
A program structured to prepare the young to pursue their professional goals and build a fulfilling and meaningful career. The training will provide a variety of options in the government, in diplomacy, and in the private sector.

This motivational youth training program would benefit a large number of newly graduated students or interns, to help them decide which career path to choose and give them a head start.

Understanding the different career paths at a young age will prepare the next generation to achieve excellence in diplomacy, government, administration, and business.

This program integrates the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch successful businesses. Business owners looking to scale up would also benefit from this program. The objective is to encourage innovative ideas and support the launch of new startups and solutions. The training will include business plans & strategies, legal issues, financial aspects, accounting, marketing, management, and digital business.

This program will be ideal to train trainers as coordinators for incubators and entrepreneurship programs sponsored by government or private sector associations. This magnifies impact and allows more entrepreneurs to launch new initiatives and businesses.