About Us

GDC is the culmination of two decades of excellence. GDC has made great contributions to the international sphere of diplomacy, international relations and global engagement. In fact, the GDC was created to support the work of diplomacy around the world, to create economic prosperity and to bring peace.

The GDC offers a variety of outreach programs, training, consulting, conferences, forums, seminars, workshops and online courses. In addition, the GDC signed several high-level partnerships to provide state-of-the-art training, skills, and knowledge to cope with current and future challenges, and to foster peace in the world.

With a team of distinguished instructors, professors and highly qualified experts, trainers and mentors, GDC provides high-quality consulting and training services worldwide.
‍The Global Diplomatic Center (GDC) was established to strengthen the resources and tools of Diplomats, government officials and leaders looking for excellence in their responsibility. Based in Washington DC, the GDC is at the heart of the world of diplomacy and training preeminence.

Objectives of the GDC Programs

Why Was the GDC Established?

Preparing Leadership has become urgent more than ever before. The world is witnessing major transformations in every aspect, including shifting global geo-strategies, rising conflicts, on-going political, economic, and social challenges, in addition to the pandemic and climate change. These challenges call for different strategies and new leadership.

This is why the GDC was established: to provide the training foundation to keep up with this on-going transformational trend around the world.

The world of diplomacy in particular is in a constant state of flux. Foreign Service training and companion services must provide rigorous training to their diplomats, statesmen and stateswomen to empower them to achieve their goals and objectives.

The courses available at the GDC will broaden each participant’s understanding of geostrategy and international relations, and teach new skills necessary for the future of global leadership as well as diplomatic and government security.

GDC’s unique programs are designed to respond to a world undergoing change and to highlight past achievements and future opportunities. They engage key voices and major players in governments, global affairs, and business to create tangible and measurable solutions to some of the world’s most challenging issues, and to proactively shape and impact the global future.

GDC’s partnership with academic and research institutions both inside and outside Washington is dedicated to promoting and contributing to global prosperity by initiating and fostering sustainable partnerships between diplomatic services, government agencies, politicians, the media, NGOs, academics and the private sector.